Healing Garden

This recording is not a substitute for medical treatment.

This recording is designed to help you activate your body's natural healing processes. Your body has amazing healing power that can be enhanced through deep relaxation, and visualization. People with medical conditions should seek medical treatment.

Hypnosis, and visualization are best used as complementary treatments, in addition to medical treatment, not as an alternative to medical treatment.

With this recording, you can enter a state of deep mental, and physical, relaxation which will allow your body to focus its energies on any areas in need of repair.

Take a pleasant walk through a beautiful garden of flowers. Each area has flowers that are related to the different colors of the rainbow. When you get to the area of the deep purple colored flowers, you will lay down on a marble healing table, and see a symbol that represents healing to you. As you relax, and focus on that symbol, you allow healing energy to permeate your body, going where it is needed most.

When you get up from the marble table, and walk back out through the garden, you collect "leaves" which represent anything negative that might have fallen into the garden of your life. Anything negative that someone might have said, or done to you in the past. As you get back to the garden's entrance, you can burn, and release any negativity associated with the leaves, and at the same time preserve the learnings from those events.

Is disease something that "happens to" people?
Is it possible that dis-ease has an emotional basis?

As you read this page, you may find that the concepts challenge what you think you know. That's okay. There was a time when everybody knew that the Sun moved around our flat Earth. People were prosecuted for saying otherwise. Sometimes, it's important to challenge your beliefs. Also see ostriches.

In our world of looking for someone, or something, to blame for our troubles, it seems difficult for people to take responsibility for their health, and their lives. There is a distinction to be made between responsibility, and blame. When a person takes responsibility for their life, their response-ability is empowered. To gain maximum power, take responsibility for everything that happens in your universe.

When a person seeks to blame "something" outside of themselves for their life condition, they give up their power. Could it be that all dis-eases have roots in emotional conflict? Are specific bodily locations of dis-ease related to specific responses to specific types of emotional conflict? For example, could skin disorders be a response to "being rubbed the wrong way?" Could arthritis be a result of inflexible thinking, and resistance to change? Is diabetes related to not feeling the sweetness of life?

You see, when you think about the possible relationship between emotional conflict, and dis-ease, you may begin to understand how this is true for you. You may notice that there is a part of you that can make the connection.

If you were to look inside for the source of a dis-ease, you may find that what comes up for you, or what comes to mind, is a conflict of some sort. It may be something you are consciously aware of, or it may be something that is outside of your conscious awareness. Whatever it is, you also have the ability to resolve the conflict. You can ask your unconscious mind what it is that you need to do. Then do that. What is it that you need to learn, the learning of which, will allow you to release this problem from your life, easily and effortlessly?

"Through the millennia, humanity has more or less consciously known that all diseases ultimately have a psychic origin and it became a "scientific" asset firmly anchored in the inheritance of universal knowledge; it is only modern medicine that has turned our animated beings into a bag full of chemical formulas."
Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer

Dr. Hamer believes very strongly that the present methods of dealing with cancer are barbarous, cruel and completely unnecessary. This opinion does not make him many friends.

You can read more about Dr. Hamer, and New Medicine here.

When you understand that dis-ease is based in a psychological / emotional conflict which is expressing itself in the physical body, you can resolve the conflict, and begin healing the physical. You must still work on physical problems with physical means. But remember, there is also a psychological, and an emotional aspect to dis-ease.

You could buy a book and read about options in healing, you will have a better understanding, but that will not actually do anything about improving your condition. Or, you could buy this CD which can actually help you. All you need is a CD player and a comfortable place. You can listen to this CD any time you want to improve your ability to concentrate. You are the one who is ultimately responsible for your success in life.


  • Seek the advice of a competent physician.
  • Eat healthy, and nutritious foods.
  • Drink plenty of good, clean water.
  • Exercise regularly.
  • Breathe deeply.
  • Make time for yourself.
  • Meditate, or use self-hypnosis to really relax.
I have talked to people who say they do not have time to listen to a half-hour recording. The reality is those same people spend countless hours watching television, or spinning their wheels trying to figure out what to do. When you make yourself a priority, you will know what to do.

What makes hypnosis such an effective tool for improving your life?

Entering into the state of hypnosis is very much the same as entering into a deep meditation. While you are in this relaxed state of focused concentration, you quiet down your thoughts and concerns of the day, and you are able to concentrate on the issue at hand. It is easier to learn (anything) when you are not distracted by everything else that is going on in your life.
Hypnosis is a skill.

All hypnosis is self-hypnosis. When you learn how to quiet your mind, you are able to focus on what you want to achieve, and access the creative part of yourself to the fullest. Hypnosis can be thought of as any form of communication with the subconscious mind. You do not have to be hypnotized to accept suggestion. When you are hypnotized, you may accept, or reject, any suggestion given to you.

These recordings are mental training. The more you listen to these reecordings, the more you will improve your mental abilities.

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