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The Secret To Hitting With Confidence

Baseball Player:

Hi, just thought that I would let you know that your CD works!
I listened to it before the game and thought about what you said every time I got in the box or in the field. My First at bat I walked, but my second at bat, I took the first pitch to deep left center for a two run double.
The thing is ... I told myself that is where I want to hit the ball.

I think it is a great tool that everyone can benefit from.
I play MSBL/MABL for a 28 and over league in Auburn, CA.

Thank you for your service.
Mike - Auburn, CA

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Baseball Player/Coach:

Hi Rick:
Having had a chance to utilize your CD to improve one's hitting via mental framing/preparation, I wanted to just drop you a quick note to let you know how it has impacted the offensive aspect of my game.

I have been listening to your CD about every other night for something over a month to-date. First off, let me say that the tools, techniques, and presentation style are truly outstanding. It's not only easy to listen to and follow along, it's surprisingly easy to obtain the altered state of conscience that makes one so receptive/open to this reframing.

In fact, I find that I sleep better and wake up more invigorated after having listened to your CD in the evening. That alone is "worth the price of admission".

I've noticed that once I'm hot and tired, when I've been really 'worked' by taking 100 pitches from each side of the plate, then your teachings begin to seep into my awareness, and as I "let go" of the analytical aspect ... and JUST HIT ... I begin to have outstanding streaks from both sides of the plate; hitting for power, with accuracy, and with very few missed pitches.

Thanks for your interest in my quest to be my best.
John - Carnelian Bay, CA

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Baseball Parent:

My boys, 11 and 15, really like the Hitting Zone CD.
They have shown improvement in their bat speed and focus.
George - Iowa Park, TX


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