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Several months ago the other Coaches were rolling on the floor laughing when I told them I was going to develop a recording that would help our players become better hitters.

"Yeah, fat chance. How can listening to a recording help anyone hit a baseball?"

Their laughter quickly turned to amazement when they saw our starting catcher, who had been struggling all season, suddenly start crushing the ball. One of our rookies hit an inside-the-park homer in his first at-bat, after listening to this recording ... just once. BAM! BAM! BAM!

Hit after hit just kept coming. We went on the longest winning streak in the past eight years. I don't know about you, but I get really excited when I see players hit with confidence.

How can this be? What suddenly lit a fire under these baseball players? As you read this you will begin to understand that the difference between mediocre batters, and the truly great hitters resides above the neck.

First, I must tell you that there are certain conditions that must be in place before you will experience the kind of results that we did.

If you want to BE A GREAT HITTER you must:
  • Have good swing mechanics
  • Have a burning desire to continuously improve your abilities
  • Be willing to spend time developing your mental muscles
  • WANT IT!

You see, when I first started working on this project, I was faced with a bit of a challenge: How do I help "Old School" coaches see the value in the new technology of NLP? Perhaps the best thing I can do is SHOW THEM.

Mark Was Almost In Tears

In my 10 years coaching baseball, I've seen players jumping in excitement, and I have seen players get frustrated, and disappointed ...

It's part of the game. But this was different. Our tough-as-nails catcher was just beside himself. When I asked what was wrong, he said he just could not get a hit.

Now, I have known Mark to be a pretty good hitter over the past few years. So I asked him to tell me what he thought the problem was. Read on to find out how a belief determines your level of success.

Mark told me that his hitting alternates from year to year ... one year he hits great, and the next year he struggles. This is his year to struggle. This is Mark's last year with the team, and he wants to be successful.

As I explained to him, and the other coaches,
your mind is the most powerful tool you have.

Whether you think you can, or you think you can't ... you're probably right!

Serious About Wanting To Get In The Zone?
Here's How To Hit With Confidence!
Guaranteed... Or Your Money Back!

Hitting Zone
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What Everybody Should Know...
About How To Get In The Zone

The qualities of a state are the steps to getting there, and vice versa.
That is, if you want to enter the zone ... every time you step up to the plate, then you want the ability to enter the zone at will. You want to get there, when you want to get there.
So, you may ask yourself, "What are the qualities of the zone ... just exactly what is it?" Some professional athletes have used the following terms to describe the zone:

  • Relaxed state of focused concentration
  • Absolute confidence
  • Enhanced intuition
  • Everything slows down
  • Limitations are forgotten
  • Euphoria
  • White moment
  • Precognition
  • Magical
  • Everything seems clearer
How would you know you are there?

Can you identify how these qualities feel in your body? Can you remember a time when you were totally focused on something you were doing ... to the point where nothing could distract you? Remember how that felt. Notice where you feel that in your body, and how you recognize that feeling.

How can you get there again?

Constance. The more often you are in a state, the easier it is to get there. This is the same concept as, "The rich get richer," and "The lucky get luckier." You may know someone who is usually in a good mood. Does it take much to put that person in a really good mood? The more often you are in the zone, the easier it will be for you to get there when you want. While listening to this recording, you can put yourself in a peak state, and practice hitting the ball exactly the way you want. You will put yourself in a state that enables you to recall the best parts of everything you have learned about hitting ... and take it with you to the plate.

How much time do you spend developing your mind?

Athletes excel at different rates. This has seemingly been attributable to genetics, lucky breaks, or whatever other labels people put on talent. Some say a talented athlete is blessed. I believe that everyone has been blessed with talent. The difference is what we do with it. Successful people know that they got that way by applying themselves.

Nowadays we have specialists who teach hitting, pitching, fielding, and every other aspect of the game. These specialists have developed excellent drills for physical performance on the field. And yet, in a game that is 90% mental, how much practice time is spent doing actual mental conditioning? Usually, responses vary from none to little. Some coaches say they work on the mental side of the game while they are doing physical drills. That is not necessarily the case, but they want to be able to say that they do, indeed, work on the mental aspect of their players? game.

What are you willing to do to improve your hitting?

This recording will allow you to use the advanced techniques of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Hypnosis, visualization, and deep relaxation ... to discover your inner winner.

Hypnosis is a state where you can access the part of your imagination that allows you to visualize easily. If you want to hit a baseball better, for example, you can visualize yourself from an observer position, hitting a baseball. Just see yourself hitting a baseball.
Now, if you were to see what you would actually see, hear what you would hear, and feel what you would feel, if you were actually hitting a baseball, then you could do that perfectly, in your imagination, and it would be as if you had actually done it perfectly.
Your subconscious mind cannot tell the difference between an actual event, and one that is vividly imagined. It would be as if you had hit the ball perfectly in real life, in real time.

When you imagine yourself as being confident, seeing the ball well, and executing the perfect swing, that becomes a message to your subconscious mind of what you want, and a vivid memory of what you have done in the past. Practice does not make perfect. Perfect practice makes perfect.

Your mind operates like a computer. You receive programming every day, whether you are aware of it, or not. You can remove, or override, any negative programming, and replace it with positive programming chosen by you, for your success.
Are you doing everything you can do to make yourself a better baseball player?

Take the time to invest in your mind.
Take this opportunity to develop
the mental aspect of your game.

Hitting Zone
Download Hitting Zone Now

When can you do mental training?

Mental training is what you can do at night, when it's raining, snowing, windy, or when you are traveling (as a passenger, with headphones).

NOTE: It is not appropriate to listen to any hypnosis recording while you are driving, operating machinery, or doing anything else that requires your attention.

All you need is an MP3 player and a comfortable place. You can listen to this recording any time you want to improve your ability to concentrate. You don't need to find someone who is willing, and has time, to play catch, or pitch to you. You can do these exercises on your own. You are the one who is ultimately responsible for your success, not just in baseball, in all areas of your life.

What makes hypnosis such an effective training tool for athletes?

Entering into the state of hypnosis is very much the same as entering into a deep meditation. While you are in this relaxed state of focused concentration, you quiet down your thoughts and concerns of the day, and you are able to concentrate on the issue at hand. It is easier to learn (anything) when you are not distracted by everything else that is going on in your life.
Hypnosis is a skill.
All hypnosis is self-hypnosis. When you learn how to quiet your mind, you are able to focus on what you want to achieve, and access the creative part of yourself to the fullest. Hypnosis can be thought of as any form of communication with the subconscious mind. You do not have to be hypnotized to accept suggestion. When you are hypnotized, you may accept, or reject, any suggestion given to you.

What makes this program unique?

Using a combination of music, language, and binaural beats, we will safely guide you to a special place in your mind, where you can access your creative imagination. You will go to a place where you can get high quality practice any time.
Mental conditioning advice usually consists of a general overview of what to do. This is a mental conditioning program that teaches you how to use your mind in a better way. This program guides you through specific exercises that have been developed, using state of the art techniques, to entrain your mind for excellence. The skills acquired through the use of this recording can be applied to all areas of your life. Once you learn how to anchor in a state of excellence, you can access the state of excellence whenever you want it.

These are not passive listening programs. You will be required to participate. You will enter into a state of deep physical relaxation that promotes rapid healing, your body will release endorphins, and at the same time let go of any tensions it may be holding. Here's where the fun really begins. While your body is in a profoundly relaxed state, your mind will be actively learning how to hit a baseball ... exactly the way you want.

When you select your own anchors, that mean something to you, you truly empower yourself to achieve a high level of performance. Anchors are the guideposts you attach to a peak state, and they are the handles you use to bring yourself back to that peak state. You will select a visual, a kinesthetic, and an auditory anchor that you can use to get in the zone every time you step up to the plate.


Do not use these recordings, or any binaural technology, if you are subject to any forms of sleep apnea, seizures or epilepsy, are using a pacemaker, are suffering from cardiac arrhythmia or other heart disorders, or are taking any stimulants, psychoactive drugs, or tranquilizers without the expressed written consent of a qualified physician.

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Error Eraser

Now you can become a more effective player by turning any mistake into a positive learning experience. You can remove fear by seeing a mistake as a way of learning how to do something properly. Reverse the negative effects of making a mistake, and practice making the play successfully ... in your mind. You may get so good at this technique, that you will be able to do it instantly even on the field.


This 10 minute routine will help you quiet your mind, and set goals for the game you are about to play. This session is short so you can listen to it before each game, to develop a winner mindset. It is full of positive self-talk, and affirmations.

This is mental training. The more you listen to this program, the more you will improve your mental abilities.


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